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...photography for me is more than just a hobby or a temporary thing; it is my mission and my work on a daily basis...

About photographer

My name is Timur Suleymanov, I am a professional photographer. Professional not as in ‘engaged in commercial photography’, but because photography for me is more than just a hobby or a temporary thing; it is my mission and my work on a daily basis.

I started doing photography after working as an art director in an advertising agency in Russia for 15 years. This is where I got vast experience in the field of visual technologies. Many successful projects related to photography I implemented on my own. My desire for more professional knowledge in order to complete more and more complex tasks led me to the Academy of Photography in Moscow, where I completed the ‘Advertising Photography’ course. Such a high level of education allows me to manage a wide range of creative and commercial projects; from private orders for individual photography to art projects and work with complex photo equipment. In particular, shooting on film cameras makes up a huge part of my work, although it is very rare in the era of digital cameras and is one of the most difficult kinds of shooting. Only high-level professionals are able to do it right.


I have been living in the Czech Republic for the last 10 years, but I shoot in many countries: Germany, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Spain, France, Russia. I am a member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia and the Czech Republic and I am the only Russian photographer to become a laureate of the Masaryk's Prize of the Czech Academy of Arts

· ‘For contribution to the art of photography’.

During this time, I have done a lot of projects in many different areas, including photo shoots and master classes all over the world. I am published in various editions; my artworks are in the collection of the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art.

I have my own photo studio and a photo school in Prague, where I share the secrets of photo art with my students.