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Beautiful Pre-Wedding Photography in Prague

Prague is one of the most romantic, magical and mysterious cities in the world. It is historical and amazingly beautiful: Baroque and Gothic architecture, bohemian atmosphere, and its endless church steeples are a dream-come-true background for couple photos. Are you also dreaming of a pre-wedding photoshoot in the Czech capital city? It is time to fulfill your ideas, and I am totally ready to help you do it!

Pre-Wedding Photos in Prague: Capturing the Moments of Love

I take pre-wedding photos in Prague working in my studio and outside. I have all the necessary facilities to create beautiful images in the natural and artificial light. I work with a team of experienced professionals, including stylists, hairdressers, and makeup artists. We can help your couple choose the right hairstyles and clothing (which, by the way, you can rent). Cooperating with my clients and discussing the details with them always help me to find the best locations, styles, and sceneries that represent the couple’s passion, laid-back vibes, and chemistry.

I have been working as a pre-wedding photographer since 2003. For all this time, I have been developing my skills and unique techniques. I have never stopped looking for creative tricks for my client to get impressed and happy with the results. I promise to take all your concerns into consideration and not to capture typical, boring poses. Creativity always comes first for me, but I never forget about your wants and needs. I understand that the pictures are the only way to look back in your special day, so I will do my best to turn that day into a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will remember forever.

How Do I Work Taking Pre-Wedding Photos?

First things first: after you have made your choice and decided to work with me, we meet and talk in person. It helps me find out your thoughts and ideas, and we also get to know each other better, so that you will feel comfortable in front of my camera later. Second things second: after discussing the details we choose the location. It may be anywhere in the Czech Republic, and once the photos are ready, I will simply send them by email.

Taking creative pre-wedding photos in Prague is my passion and a great opportunity to meet wonderful people. I would love to complete the visual memories of your beautiful love story and showcase your intimate relations. You can truly be yourself while working with me: do not be afraid of showing your feelings and emotions, because it is your day and your chance to capture the moments of love that will last forever.

Examples of my pre-wedding and honeymoon photography you can see in the gallery.

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