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Irina and Borya


Straight to the point, these photos are amazing! My husband and I have been looking for a wedding photographer for a long time, since I’m quite a picky person and I wanted to get my hands on the best of the best in their field! Unusual angles, sincere emotions, exciting moments, I had everything and more. I’m so glad to spend the day of our lives with Timur and his team! Looking at the photos, I’m reliving that day again and again, with how beautifully they captured emotions, eyes, the sun, the atmosphere and our feelings. They managed to convey that day’s mood perfectly! I want to sincerely thank Timur for his talent, charisma, effortless work and a day filled with laughter. I want to thank him for having us, so beautiful and happy on the photos, for all the moments and for eyes gleaming with pleasure.

Darya and Alexander


I don’t want to write cliché compliments … I have already told you, that you are the best photographer I’ve ever met …! It is pure happiness, that we met you, because it is you, who made the memory of that day eternal! You are incredibly talented, and I want to say thank you for incredible pictures, your job, and your presence at all the events of that day, you were part of our holiday and our dearest guest! As I have already mentioned, at just the right moments we meet just the right people! And I am glad that you joined us and contributed to this mad wedding! :) You are a remarkable person and a big professional in your field! And we all miss you and your team! You are the best!

Sabine and Michael


Timur, thanks for your professionalism and the most positive attitude towards us! We are so glad to have chosen you as a photographer for our wedding! We posed on photos with great pleasure, and your sense of humor and jokes helped us to create a light atmosphere! Photos turned out to be so marvelous and unique, that we just can’t stop looking at them! We regret that due to the shortage of time, we couldn’t make a love story photo shoot, but we made a decision, that during our next trip to Prague we are going to contact you and make our dream come true! When we’ll be looking through our wedding album, we will surely remember you! Thank you for letting us remember these unique moments of our life at their best! 

Anastasia and Radek

Czech Republic

When a photographer chooses one for his or her own wedding, it is one hell of a story :) But with Timur there was no hesitation, I knew at once, he will be our photographer. Everything worked like a charm, he is truly a remarkable expert. He made jokes, supported us when needed, encouraged us and gave valuable hints :) As far as photos go, no comments, everything’s already clear from his portfolio — that one time when you love each and every image :) The cherry on top of the cake is that we received some of the photos in a few days after the wedding, though we expected to be waiting for months :) His work is highly efficient and he’s a nice person to know! Thanks! :)