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Wedding photographer in Prague

Wedding photography is one of my main work areas and also the most popular with my customers. I have been living and working in Prague for 11 years, but in this field I have a lot of experience all over the world – I shot weddings in the Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Austria and other European countries.

I'm shooting weddings both in digital format and on film. Examples of my wedding photography you can see in the gallery.

Wedding photography Prague: work process

1. Signing a contract
Before getting to work, we will make a bilateral contract to agree on all of the important details such as terms, costs, workload, expected deadline, etc., to make your wedding preparations as comfortable as possible without having to worry about your photographer.

We discuss each point of the contract to set up the best terms for you.

2. Meeting a day before photographing

We will meet before the shooting to get to know each other and specify all of the details. We will make a schedule of the day of your wedding and choose the best shooting route. We will also discuss your preferred shooting style and final artistic retouch most suited for you.

3. Photographing in a cheerful and natural way

I wholeheartedly understand that both brides and grooms are very anxious about their wedding photography. I know that most of you are not used to being photographed and not all of you are fond of the process. It is perfectly okay! Do not worry, as I will make it as comfortable for you as possible, so that you will not even notice my presence. I will also give you advice on how to pose, whether to look at the camera or not, etc. The only thing you need is to enjoy yourself!

4. Editing your photos

As a chef at the good restaurant never gives guests an unfinished meal, I always serve my customers with finished and completely edited photos. I do not have "10 photos edited, others not even touched" as my motto, since your wedding is unique and well worthy of being more than just a couple of images. This is why there will not be any kind of raw material or selective editing; I will edit all technically successful photos in one style and I will send everything to you. Later, you may choose the best of them for your wedding archive.

5. Creating a unique photo book

Do you still keep any photo books? How many of us had a chance to see our grandparents’ wedding photos? Not that many, I think. It would be incredible to look at your grandmother in a wedding dress or your grandfather in a suit!

I will include the best photos in your wedding photo book. Such a book should be a treasure passed on to your grandchildren.

6. Sending a disc with your photos and photo books via express delivery

I will carefully wrap a disc with your photos and a photo book, and send a package via EMS express delivery to your desired address. You will get a tracking number, so that you could receive it as soon as possible.


Get the most out of your wedding day, enjoy each other, live this day to the fullest! Entrust saving of these wonderful memories to the professional wedding photographer in Prague, Czech and other European cities - Timur Suleymanov.

Leave a request for a photo shoot and I will contact you to clarify the details.

If you did not find a required kind of photo shoot on the website, contact me and we will discuss how to possibly fulfill your request.

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