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Film Photography in Prague

What is the first thing coming to our mind when we talk about classics? Something that is beyond the time itself. What do we think of when we talk about classical photography? We think, of course, about a photo shot on film.

It is not a secret that even now many famous film directors, including Quentin Tarantino, prefer to shoot on film. Indeed, a picture shot on film differs from the digital one. While the majority cannot spot a difference between a film photo and a digital one at first sight, the true admirer of the photography will certainly see the difference. Deeper colors and softer light transitions create a unique balance.

The most expensive and luxury photo shoots in Europe and America, including weddings, are shot on film only! There is a special kind of magic in these photos. Delicate colors, light, soft shadows give you quite a different comprehensiveness of feelings.

Nowadays a film photography is the domain of high-level professionals, as it requires a huge experience in shooting, masterful technique skills and building a perfect composition of the shot.

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